Thoughts on having too many thoughts

I am a very varied person with lots of interests that aren’t always related and I tend to cycle through them in a manor that is not entirely efficient. I’ve always wanted to build a cohesive identity online but it’s always been an optimization problem: how should I spread out my interests in such a way that person interested in only certain ones can reliably find and enjoy my content without it getting lost in the sea of other interests I have.


An improvement I would make to Ulysses

In the Ulysses writing app, you cannot have glued sheets inside a group that is not sorted as Manual. It gets all messy if you switch the group to any other sort order because the glued sheets get re-ordered as well.


Leisure creep

"Lifestyle creep" is a well-known condition where a person increases their standard of living in-step with their income such that luxury becomes necessity. I think we do a similar thing with our leisure time.