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Exploring Gatsby

The new version of this website is built using Gatsby.js, which so far seems pretty awesome. It uses React which I have been averse to for some reason. I have used React before, though, on a fairly large client project and I didn’t entirely hate it. I guess I just see all the extreme hype around React and having done web development for about twenty years now I tend to be skeptical of extremely hyped web frameworks.

I used a starter kit for Gatsby that includes a fairly nice theme. I decided to start this way because I wanted to have something at the start that didn’t look bad and would keep me excited about working on it.

For now, I am tweaking and refactoring the starter kit as I get reacquainted with React and learn Gatsby and the GraphQL that underlies it. This approach to learning is my usual experimental, curiosity-driven method anyway.

I also decided to try out Netlify, which I’ve heard a lot about but hadn’t actually used. So far I am impressed. It was extremely easy to get set up and published on my own domain with an SSL certificate as well. The whole process took maybe 10 minutes, which as a web development veteran is seriously impressive to me.

Published 19 Aug 2018

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