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Shoe dog

Today I finished reading the book Shoe Dog, which is a memoir written by Phil Knight, a co-founder of Nike. Honestly beforehand I didn’t really know much about Nike other than they were a sports apparel and shoe brand and I’ve owned several pair of Nike shoes over the course of my life.

I’ve never been much of a sports fan, probably because neither of my parents are and I remember several somewhat-rants from my father about sports fans growing up. And now, late twenties, I’m still not really a sports fan and it’s always awkward small talking about sports because I know nothing about them. But reading this book did actually help me understand in whole new ways the allure that sports can have on people.

I really liked the book a whole lot more than I expected that I would. It was a very honest account of the first decade or two of what is now one of the world’s largest and most recognizable brands. Several times I was amazed at the attention to detail Knight put into his retellings of events from 50 years ago and in his honesty in painting himself in a bad light, often confessing to poor or embarrassing behavior that he could have simply not mentioned at all.

A riveting tale of the struggles of being a small business trying to grow, I couldn’t recommend this book enough.

Published 15 May 2017

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