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Starting a family

As an Autistic person, I have always been apprehensive about having children. Besides the general issue of ever figuring out how I “feel” about something, the idea of children has always seemed daunting. In a few ways, I am myself still a child and so “raising” a child seems almost inappropriate, depending on how you look at it. But as I’m happily married to an amazing woman who loves children this is a very important issue in my life.

Earlier this year my wife and I decided to begin trying to start a family. To our surprise it was an immediate success: after the first month we found out we were indeed pregnant. It was a complex bundle of feelings for me to figure out.

As I was beginning to become comfortable with the concept we went to our first doctor appointment and found to our surprise (or shock) that we had been more successful than we’d intended: we’re having twins.

This is going to be quite a journey.

Published 26 Aug 2018

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