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Thoughts on having too many thoughts

I am a very varied person with lots of interests that aren’t always related and I tend to cycle through them in a manor that is not entirely efficient. I’ve always wanted to build a cohesive identity online but it’s always been an optimization problem: how should I spread out my interests in such a way that person interested in only certain ones can reliably find and enjoy my content without it getting lost in the sea of other interests I have.

As I’ve thought about this problem lately I’ve came to the realization that it might be impossible for me to create a perfectly cohesive identity online because there is the likely fact that I’m not a perfectly cohesive person anyway. My Autistic mind operates in a sort of (sometimes wonderfully) rapid incoherent state that tends to be akin to the call stack of a recursive function: rapidly bouncing all over memory until eventually reaching a point where it even more rapidly collapses to a single output.

The problem is, of course, that this obsession with trying to ‘place’ everything stifles my creativity because I can get caught up thinking about where some idea or interest ‘belongs’ in my complicated identity. Does this article about my Autism go on Medium? Should I tweet this random thought about some esoteric finance concept I connected to some cellular biology concept, or should I reserve Twitter for my programming-related thoughts because that’s my primary audience there.

I’m not sure yet what the answers are to these questions but here are my current thoughts:

  • I’ve recently launched a new iteration of my personal website.
  • For now I’ll post whatever I feel like is valuable about any of my interests there, categorized and tagged for easy separation.
  • I’ll selectively republish some of these posts in other channels such as Medium or Twitter and just feel it out from there.
  • I think this publish-first, find audience later approach will at the very least allow me to get in the habit of sharing my ideas more regularly without getting bogged down in trying to figure out the exact person who would find them most valuable.
  • I recognize that if there’s any particular field of my interests that I wish to become particularly noteworthy in I’ll need to focus on that audience but I think at this point in my life that is a premature optimization.

Now to figure out where all to post this… ☺️

Published 9 Aug 2018

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